Congratulations : You have survived

Congratulations to everyone who have survived six months of this year. Accept the fact that you’re among the blessed ones.

Six months ago we welcomed this year with the usual zest and vigour expecting it to be a great one, but look at the irony it is a great and remarkable one but in a another way for us. This year will be remembered for centuries for causing so much suffering to the human race. In 2020 not only did COVID-19 entered our lives to make sure that it is converted into a pathetic one but also calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, oil spill, floods, suicides etc,etc have joined the list to reassure the same.

We never dreamt in our wildest dreams that beginning of a new decade is going to be so torturous. In this short span of half year multiple calamities have already claimed many lives and we really don’t know how many more lives they are going to claim in rest of the year. Human Suffering has just started and possibility is that many more such sufferings are awaiting us. This year will mark the survival of the fittest as well as the luckiest.

Many people are trying to be optimistic at this time and I really appreciate their effort because in times full of hopelessness these are the people who are bringing some hope in lives of others as well. Their this too shall pass phrase will give you a high for few hours and after that when you will read that WHO is saying that pandemic is not even close to being over, worst is yet to come your all hope will convert into hopelessness.

We can’t do anything about our future because we will never know what future has stored for us. We only have the present moment so let’s not waste in grieving.

Like Omar Khayyam has beautifully written:

Tomorrow’s fate, though be wise,
Thou canst not tell nor yet surmise;
Pass, therefore, not today in vain,
For it will never come again.

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