Emerging Careers in English Literature

English Literature as a discipline can be fascinating and aesthetic if you love reading about various literary genres. There has been a steady growth of different English literature genres, for example, Dalit Literature or Translation Studies or Diasporic Literature. Many universities have added a list of various programs and areas of specializations to be offered to the students under the department of English. But, there has always been a doubt related to career opportunities in the field of literature. Apart from the teaching and academic sector, there are many opportunities after you graduate with a degree in English literature.

List of careers in English literature

Here is a list of emerging careers that you can pursue once you are an English literature graduate.

  • There are multiple job opportunities in the publishing sector. You can apply to internships while you are still pursuing your degree. There are various roles in the publishing sector, like editor, sub-editor, copy editor. Along with these primary roles, we can observe a steady rise of audiobooks. This is an excellent scope for recent literature graduates. You can apply to become a voice-over artist to build up the audiobook collection in many publishing houses.
  • Online teaching is another emerging career in the field of literature. If you are interested in the education domain and want to pursue your career as an online teacher, you can apply for the same. Many educational institutes are planning on adding up more tuition classes rather than classroom teaching. Hence, you can try online teaching as a career option.
  • The most popular emerging career is in the field of writing. If you have an underlying passion for writing, you can try to opt for content writing jobs or internships. There are many different parts of writing, such as academic writing, or technical writing, or creative writing. You need to find out what you are most comfortable in. Then, you would be able to write on various niches like lifestyle, education, business, book review, entertainment, travel, food, and many others.
  • Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular sectors at the moment. With the growing need for digitization, social media has proved to be one of the new leading methods to promote a business or a start-up.
  • Content Development is one of the new options that are being opted by many literature students. Once you graduate, you can quickly look for an internship related to content development and managing.

The careers mentioned above have been emerging steadily in the market sector. After you complete your English literature graduation, you can try and apply to whatever option you feel convenient. Nowadays, even pursuing a literature subject can lead to several new career paths. You definitely need to do a lot of market research, and know about the roles and responsibilities required in different positions, and apply accordingly. It is better to start early and gain some experience through internships while you are still in college. In this way, you would easily be able to realize what is more interesting for you.

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