How Peer pressure influence our lives…

Peer pressure is the influence on people by their peers due to which people start following their opinions and lifestyles. It also refers to considering a person or his opinion above all and give him/her the priority.

Peer pressure can be both positive and negative. Like if a person is peer pressuring you for a good cause like to study, to develop your skull, or achieve something good in life then it is motivation. The person is motivating you to achieve something good in your life which is essential for the growth of a person. But sometimes peer pressure leads you to the disastrous situation if it is for the bad cause.

So there are some advantages and disadvantages of peer pressure:


Peer pressure helps you to build your character, develop your skills and get master in a particular field. It also motivates us to do a particular work in a particular field. It forces the person to cross the barriers and achieve something great. It also boost the confidence of a person as our brain consider people’s opinion and makes them priority. Peer pressure also helps in marketing sector. Many salesman and entrepreneurs use this technique to influence people to buy product. Similarly peer pressure can also built the character of a person. The main advantage of peer pressure can be in youth, as we have seen many young person doing great after influence by a person.


It can also harm the person in many ways. If you don’t want to do any task and if you are getting continuous pressure to do that work, then you become frustated. It also hamper students career and studies if they indulge in the bad company and they are so much influenced by them that they involved in habits like drug and smoking. These habits have adverse effects on their growth and career.

So, as we can see that peer pressure has both positive and negative effects, it is very important to think about the outcome of the deed before getting influenced by peers. Apart fron this always keep your thoughts at the priority and peer pressure should always be secondary. In this way we are able to take advantage of the positive effects of peer pressure and avoid negative effects.

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