“Saving Earth And Celebrating Plastic Bag Free Day.”

Plastic has become an integral part of our life and we have been utilizing in each and every aspect and thing we see around us. Be it in our mobile phones, utensils, containers, carry bags and many more. We have made our life more and more dependent on this material that we can hardly imagine our life without them. The benefits they provide us by proving to be lightweight, long lasting,, cost effective, moldable, has given them the plus point over other metals and materials, thus humans inculcated them in their lives. But as we see the other side of the coin, plastic has proven to be a man made problem, troubling our environment. We see plastic and things made of it being thrown with a single use not only in our neighborhood but also in far away places like oceans and sea. These do not get broken as they have stronger bonds thus remaining in our environment for more that 100-500 years before they decompose. These plastic things have disturbed the aquatic life and have destroyed the purity and cleanliness of these water resources. 

People have tried hard to get rid of plastic by recycling them or reusing them and even burning them. Burning of plastic burns out toxic flames which could prove to be harmful and even cause cancer if inhaled. Many people are making things out of waste so as to stop the practice of throwing plastic. But is that enough? People hardly care about nature and their environment. They will say they care, but more often end up buying the plastics and carrying bags and goods. So what could be done. 

Everything starts with an idea, and soon becomes a part of the day to day life of an individual. For this every year Plastic Bag Free Day is celebrated on 3rd of July to initiate and Bring into notice people about the harms of plastic. People are told about how we humans use plastic and just throw  it away, which makes it a single use plastic that waste could have been utilized easily for future shopping or storage   rather than being let through and dumped as waste. Every year bulk of plastic wayse is obtained from places around the world of no further use. So the campaign of Plastic Bag free day, suggests to prevent the use of plastic for a day and prevent people from doing so.

  1. Instead one can carry an old paper bag or a usual cloth bag for shopping or buying groceries . 
  2. If you are a shopkeeper then u can prevent giving things in plastic bags and rather spread the message of preventing its further use. One’ss people start preventing its use, it will soon become a habit.
  3. Another thing any individual can do is to  collect any plastic thrown away, place them in the desired place or provide most if it to companies which do work in recycling it. Or if anyone doesn’t have much of time, they can provide financial aid to the NGOs or people working in this areas

It’s High time to understand the need to shift to better and improved material so as to prevent our earth from getting worse.We need to do research in material with better strength, durability and cost effectiveness and also which are not harmful for our nature. These small activities a day can bring revolutionary changes in the future, we just need to work together in the goals to make our earth better, with the purest form of resources and people and animals on this planet safer and happier.