Take a break and spend sometime with your family….

In modern days, we are so much busy with our own work that we don’t even get time for each other. Spend time with family or going for the vacations become just nightmares. So it is necessary to take out sometime to spend with family.

  • Try to have atleast one meal together. Utilise that time to talk to your partner or children.
  • You can also go for a walk after dinner. This is the perfect time to enjoy with your family members.
  • Plan a day out each month. Go for a field trip or picnic. It will lead to a great fun and is a fantastic way to spend sometime with your family.
  • When you are with your family, turn off your phone. If on vacations too, you are busy on your phone it will ruin everything. So, switch off your phone and spend time with each other.
  • You can cook or clean your house together. This will help you to do something productive and you will be able to spend time with your family.
  • Parents can also help their children in school work. It helps you to know about your child’s weaknesses and strong point and they will also get confidence and assurance that there is someone who is there to help them.


  1. It strengthens the bond- Spending time with your family strengthens the relationship with each other. In children too, it leads to a sense of belongingness, every family members also feel like part of something special. It also reduces stress and makes you happy and connected with your loved ones.
  2. Show kids that they matter- Everybody needs attention, especially your kids. Always spend time with them and talk to them especially when they feel low. Make them feel that they are special and important in your life.
  3. Teach and learn new things- Spend your time with kids, teach them something new and learn from them too. It is the best to share your experiences, difficulties, how you cope up with your fears. This help them to get confidence that they are also able to cope up with their difficulties.
  4. Help you to understand each other- When you spend time with your family, you will get to know about their lives, their problems, difficulties, likes and dislikes. So, you are able to know about each other and share your problems with each other which leads to better understanding.
  5. Inculcate values- By spending time with children you can teach them good values which help them to live their life in a great way. Since childhood, children needs to be nurtured and guided along the right path.

So, we all know the work is important but family is also important so start with small steps and spend sometime with family, it will definitely help you to live your life happily.

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