Graphic designing

Eyes are considered as the windows to the world, so any content when looked upon appeals to the eye only when it is interesting and attractive. This is where graphic designing comes into place, it is not only a marketing tac-tic but a tool that raises awareness amongst the public in different forms. Graphic designing is not only limited to the print industry graphic designing websites and other digital graphic development is also coming up.

Here’s some different type of graphic designing;

Visual Identity Graphic Design – This type of designing is the generating of different graphics revolving around a brand and promoting brand identity of an entity. The images, colours, shapes and fonts here, act as the fact of the business, which is an intangible entity.

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design – This kind of designing is a hybridization of marketing and designing, wherein creatives propagate an entire idea of the business focusing greatly on the logos, typography and the different elements to appeal to the public.

Motion Graphic Design – This is more of a subset of graphic design that harnesses different film-making and video making techniques to make the creative more interactive, as moving visuals with audio and attractive animation stimulate senses faster than just simple images.

User-Interface Graphic Design – It is the process of creating different creative interfaces on software and computers. Here, appeal isn’t the only thing that the creator focuses on, but the design he/she creates should be highly user-friendly and understandable. Art and Illustration.

Graphic Design – This type of designing follows an intent of communication and problem solving, creating original artwork based on the decorative guidelines of storytelling. It is used in gaming, comics, info-graphics, t-shirt designing and more.

Happy designing!🤗

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