Whenever one reads about Gautam Buddha, and starts to think about him we actually misunderstand him as a spiritual person. His calm and composed nature was not because of this, it was because he was aware of his surroundings, he had mastered the technique to control his mind and sees the world with with a tender lens. This is an art and is called Mindfulness or more popularly known as Buddhism. The whole purpose about this is to  control your mind and focus on things which are present at this point of time. It is to observe the world that surrounds you without any judgement or opinions. It is to let go of your emotions and let it not hinder the peace you want to attain so as to make yourself a different person.

Let us find out how to do it….

  1. Be aware of your actions – What is makes you is how you react to some situations, let it be talking to people or your spontaneous actions which can actually tend you to do things which you did not want to do. Always pay attention to how you act in a given situation. How you talk to people and what to talk to them could govern you to be a person who is mindful.
  2. Always give purpose to whatever you do – Giving a meaning to your actions can actually make you more focused to do things. some questions like who are you,  what is in your mind, can help you to identify the purpose for your actions and as you would be aware of them you would be able to accomplish the task given to you in a very efficient and eminent way.
  3.  To be conscious on where your focus lies- There may be many things happening in your life, may be  some would be disturbing you, but it is really important to focus on the thing you are doing right now. You should be able to control your focus and you  should be mindful  when your focus goes you should bring it back.Control your mind.
  4. Past is past – Human life is all filled with experiences, it may be good or bad. Somethings could also torment you everyday, what you should understand is it has gone and never would come back. What is important is to learn from it and try not to do it again. Live in the present do not let this present when becomes  your past to torment you when your future becomes the present.
  5. Future – Many of us surely hang up ourselves thinking about the future, what our future would look like? would I be able to fulfill my dreams and aspirations? these questions do tend us to think about what we are doing right now but remember your future would never let you to appreciate your present.
  6. Enjoy doing things- We have a habit of constantly watching the clock to find how much time has passed or is remaining so as to complete our work. This is not good because to be mindful you should be fully immersed in your present or else you are not doing the work for happiness.
  7. Stop judging – It is human tendency to judge things, but a mindful person learns throughly about things then creates an opinion, because half known knowledge is very dangerous. It is very important to observe things objectively. Always treat everyone with love and compassion but don’t expect this from others .

These mindful things can actually help you lead a peaceful life and which would meaning to your life. Small things would not bother you because you would have realized the fact that nothing is permanent in this world and every thing is momentary .

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