Self care

Self care is a need which every one should practice, it is the need of the hour. In this fast pacing life where people are busy with work and responsibilities self care can be refreshment. It does not matter if you have many responsibilities and do not have time for yourself, you should always make some time from your busy schedule to care yourself not only that it will help you to lead a healthy life but it will also help in improving your mood so that you are active the whole day. Start the practice of self care now don’t keep it for tomorrow.
The steps you can follow in order to care yourself in a better ways are

  1. Manage stress- It is very important that you relive yourself from stress, tension stress is just a part of your life your should never treat it or give so much importance to it that it hampers your health. Refresh your mind by doing Yoga and doing breathing exercises. Take a walk to the nearest garden or a park. Taking a shower especially a hot water bath will help you a lot. This refreshment will motivate you and yes it will also increase your productivity and concentration to do your work.
  2.  Have fun – Do things which would make you happy, like being surrounded by your friends , going to watch a movie with them. Revisit your happy childhood memories which will make you feel good. Spend a quality time with your family  talk to them, laugh with them and feel grateful of having people who care about you.
  3.  Develop a hobby- hobbies are something which help you to engross in it and make you feel happy in the process of doing it. Like reading  book always transports you to the era or place where novel has its story plot. For sometime you just forget about your present and feel the book. You can pursue such hobbies so as to  rejuvenate yourself and make yourself happy.
  4.  Get out of your self doubts- Some times we are in a place where we doubt our capabilities, like “Can I Do it?”, these things are normal as you are in a process of achieving something big. At such points give affirmations to yourself that you can do it, it will boost your confidence. Definitely it will give you more strength to go forward for it  and you would strive to succeed in it.
  5.  Physical fitness-  It is very important that to maintain the physical fitness because it is very important to feel good from the inside so as to feel energetised. It does not mean to have a perfect body with six packs  ABSand muscles. It is to be active and fit and fitness is a habit which one has to develop. It is not necessary that one hits the gym but what is required is to do a routine exercise everyday. Like you can dance at home or have do yoga.
    It is really important to eat right, that is to maintain a healthy food eating habit that includes to eat food in time, not to skip meal and also to eat more healthy food.

    These steps will improve your lifestyle and will give you happiness as well as pleasure. Because  we can make others happy only when we are happy.