Fight your distractions and become successful

Vaishal Singh

Kill laziness, get out of your bed and start working right away for your dreams. Don’t let your emotions consume you, do not let your emotions hinder your decisions because if you’ll let them doing this then everytime you won’t be taking the decisions but your emotions will, so try to control your emotions and overpower them. Though, emotions are associated with your feelings they are not things so it’s not easy to control your feelings but emotions are something which come out of us and we can definitely control them, now, what makes you feel ungrounded or unhappy is failing the execution, something that you decided to do or wanted to do and now it couldn’t got done because your laziness overpowered your mind and told you to procrastinate it and then the burden of not getting what you wanted, starts to put pressure on yourself, the biggest problem of humans is Idealization, we human beings have an inborn tendency of idealizing the things, we create our own world of thoughts where we creates an imaginary world around us and start to assume that whatever we’ve thought would be easy to have, but forget about working towards it, and then overtime the lack of execution kills your dreams and puts pressure on us, even though we, the human beings have an ideal version of ourselves too, we set our ideal self’s standards too high sometimes, that we are unable meet that standard and this creates a pressure on ourselves which ends up leaving us sad. So, to solve this, we should break our long term goal into several short term goals and at the fulfillment of each short term goal we should feel happiness and satisfaction.

Now, the point here is to analyse your priorities in life and work according to them, set your long term goal and break it down into several short term goals, and do not associate your happiness with results, just enjoy the process of doing. And just avoid all the unneccsary things from your life, and learn to tackle your emotions because too much emotions can distract you from reaching your goals.