Morse code

It was a way of communication, developed in the middle of the nineteenth century so as to send messages that just the sender and reader would be able to decode as they were in the pattern of dots and dashes. Morse codes were developed by the artist Samuel F.B. and the electrical telegraph machine which would transfer the electrical pulses was developed by the American physicists Joseph Henry and Alfred Vail. Morse code then was extensively used in radio communications and till now the telegraphs have been more developed and updated. Radio telegraphy where morse code was used as a medium to propagate messages was really important during the world war one. as by radio transmission voices could be sent to the receivers. It would be really interesting to learn it in this lockdown season. May be you can use the information to talk to your friends in this way and have lot of fun.

Let us learn the morse codes –

  1.  The morse code is a language consisting of  two single units  that is dots  that is pronounced as the ” dits” and  the dashes which are pronounced as ” dahs”. You should be familiarized with these basic signals so as to master the code.
  2. Look out for the morse code alphabet.1200px-American_Morse_Code_-_letters.svg.pngit is very important that you memorize this  so that you can make sentences with these two units and also do not forget to learn to recite it by saying the dits and dahs aloud. So that it is clearly dissolved in your mind and you don not do any mistakes while sending the signals
  3. start making words simple but useful, and practice as much you can. Listen to morse code recordings , download apps which would help you to learn the codes faster.You can also join some audio courses so as to master the skill, Take your friends help play the game of sending messages through morse codes. 
    If you have a question about the validity of the morse code, then it is still valid at this current time these codes though extinct from the American agencies ,it is still alive in the amateur radio users , civil war re- enactors. Morse code is really important in the man time shipping and aviation. It can also be used in the ships or boats caught up in the middle of the sea or caught up in between a thunder storm to send the signals for help. These are Morse codes for “save our ships or Save our souls” that is the S.O.S signals which can be helpful.
    Morse codes can be an innovative way of discussing some secrets with others. Like you want to organize a surprise birthday party for your father but as he is at home you cannot let him find out you are planning such things, you can communicate in morse codes with you mom and siblings so as to arrange a successful party.

    Morse codes are really interesting to learn and apply in daily life, you can make use of it and have fun .

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