Body Dysmorphic Disorder

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Mostly we all dislike something about ourselves. It might be small eyes, crooked nose, an uneven smile, etc. But these all don’t bother us nor even hampers our daily lifestyle. But the people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD, always think about their perceived ordeal flaws. They feel very demeaning with their looks. They did not even believe others’ words if they appreciate they take it as consolation. This continuous self underestimation leads to emotional distress. These people usually do not like to meet new people, maintain social distance. They feel to be judged. They remain isolated from friends, family, and so on.


There are many symptoms of BDD, like

  • The people who are going through this mental disorder are very pessimistic about their appearance. They feel to have some perceived flaws in their appearance that can’t be seen by others
  • They strongly believe that they have some flaws and disputes which make them ugly and socially awkward and unacceptable.
  • These people think that their appearance would be mocked by others and they get negative attention for their flaws.
  • These kinds of people try to fix their flaws with temporary things like they try to mix their skin with makeup and all. These people keep checking themselves in the mirrors.
  • They change their styles like preferences of clothes, shoes to overcome the real or imagined flaws.
  • These people keep comparing their looks with others and suffer from inferiority complex somehow
  • They frequently keep asking for feedback from others about their looks
  • They constantly avoid social situations, meetings with people as they have a fear of being judged 
  • These people always seek for different cosmetics for their temporary relief from their perceived flaws.
  • They always want to be perfect in look. They seek for perfection and self-satisfaction in themselves.

These preoccupations cause them mental distress. Repeatedly these behavior causes unintentional mental discomfort, not only that these all are very time-consuming. If not checked, it can cause distress in work, social, and personal life also. Firstly one may be concerned about one or more parts of the body but with time it many changes to another. Most people get concerned about the face, wrinkles, nose, eyes, breast size, body shape, etc. 

Risk factors and complication

This disorder grips over the teenagers both male and female. This mental disorder can trigger them to commit suicide as they think hurting themselves is the right way to deal. Major depression, eating disorders, physical trouble due to several surgeries for perfection are the predicted consequences.


The social expectations of perfection, childhood abuse, tease, neglect pave say to these kinds of mental disorders like body dysmorphic disorder. It can be cured by continuous psychological treatments, grooming oneself, uplifting self-confidence. Moreover, meditation is very helpful to get rid of such kinds of mental disorders.

If anyone feels to have suicidal thoughts, can call their loved one, someone from trusted trait, or can call mental health professionals and seek their help. Moreover, they can take the help of a suicidal prevention center.