Friend is a friend

Why can’t I spend the time with friends who are with me? Why am I speaking to some other friends who are far apart and spending time? Today I observed that one of my friend felt sad and shared his sadness to some other friend who is also a friend of mine. That mutual friend said it would be better to spend time with the person who is beside us rather than speaking to someone else and talking about past.

Enjoy the present with the people who are present before us. Why can’t I see what’s infront of me and try to figure out a way to spend some time here. I don’t know why I like to spend the time there in the past but not in the present. I think of spending some time but it just stops at thinking. I should speak to the people who are with me whether I like them or not. I should atleast pay attention if not so give some importance for a period of time. May be everyone forget their surroundings when they speak on phone. It’s not the problem with me, it’s everyone’s. Atleast try to give a reply if not respond.

Speaking for speaking isn’t replying, it’s just nodding. Have time for everyone. Know where to spend the time and with whom. Living in the moment doesn’t mean staying alive. It’s the choice you make yourself to spend effective time with the person. Postpone your things and live with the person who is living beside you. Have a clear thought on your life and live there. Living in the past can also be done in future but living in present can be done only in present. Present is a present to your life.

I am thinking not to speak in phone while I am with my friends. He can also do the same but he didn’t and he tries to spend the time with the people around hin ine way or the other. Speaking with old friend might make you happy but leaving behind your friend and speaking to him makes the guy with you sad. You should have a balance between the friends and know when to spend with whom . The priority isn’t the person, it’s time. The person with you shouldn’t feel alone when he is with you. Atleast he might feel uninterested but feeling lonely isn’t acceptable.

Lead a life where you should give a lead to others on how to lead a leading life. Have a thought, give a pause and make a decision with your brain because heart will definitely choose your closest friend and makes you to speak with him. Brain makes you think in a logical way and makes a calculative decision. Decide before you do because after that your decision won’t reflect your doings. I am hoping to change myself and treat everyone in same manner when they are with me. If you have a friend beside you and trying to spend some time with you, then be patient if he’s uninterested, be calm if he’s too talkitive. Spend some time with your peers.