Paper Bag Day

What a newly discovered thing I have come across, Paper Bag day which is celebrated on the 12th of June, but did we really knew about this? We people only celebrate Valentine’s Day because that is the only day in the whole year which is very important to us. I am not saying that start celebrating paper bag day but at least give some importance to these things also. Stop using plastic bags, use jute bags or cloth bags, whats the harm in it.

History of Paper Bag

For many years jute bags were used, they were the primary method of moving goods across the British Empire but on the other hand paper bags were more portable and cost-effective and soon it became the leading material for portable bags along the trade route. American inventor, Fracis Wolle invented the first paper bag machine in 1852 and “The Mother of the Grocery Bag”Margaret E. Knight designed the square, the flat bottomed and the machine that can fold in into a bag and paste them.

Advantages of using Paper Bags

1.Paper bag day is celebrated inorder to save the climate from harmful things, it is celebrated to create an awareness in the society so that we can switch to paper bags from plastic bags.

2. Paper bags are biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.

3. As for stray animals plastic bags are more harmful and suffocating, paper bags pose lesser chances of suffocation.

4. Paper bags are inexpensive and can be composted at home and they are also easy to handle.

5. It helps to conserve natural resources.

So from today stop using plastic bags, use paper or cloth bags to save your Mother Earth and to save yourself from more natural calamities. We are already facing so many things, so why not take an initiative from today and make things better.