TRAI asks telecom operators to hold on premium services

Divya Patni:

In India the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Indian is blocking the Airtel platinum speeds and Vodafone platinum speed plans for the users for the faster internet speeds and the priority network service for the customers.  The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India asked to the private telecom service providers such as Vodafone and Airtel as well as Idea to keep a pause on their prority plans that was launched in India recently. The authority of telecom questioned to them that the operators they that can give the full access of their high speed internet and service priority to the customers that will be paying for the premium plans in the whole county. TRAI wrote to the telecom opertators that to provide the full details of their priority plans to them and which are the plans that will provide the priority to the customers and how.

TRAI marked the questions to them that how the companies are giving up the interests from their regular subscribers, and telecom company operators are trying to take more money from the consumers just for the marketing strategy. They asked they can really give the priority to all the customers that are paying for the priority network to them and splitting cheaper cost plans and giving less internet speed and less priority to the regular customers. Airtel officials said that we are passionate about what we are delivering the best network and the services to the customers.

The TRAI replied back to the airtel and said not everytime it can be a best network at any places in the whole county. Currently, Airtel is delivering its best services to the customers by and said they are doing  its  best for making this connection the best in the county and giving the best services to the customers that are willing for the best network in the county. And recognized internationally for its speed, video quality and latency/ping. At the same time, we want to keep raising the bar for our postpaid customers in terms of services and overall experience.

Recently, Airtel announced that it would give more preference to the platinum mobile constumers who will pay Rupees 499 or above for postpaid connections on its 4G network. The platinum customers will be provided the priority of service and the quality of network and will get better experience and better speeds as compared to the normal users that are paying less for the same telecom operator airtel.

On the same end the Vodafone also stared its services for the priority services for its postpaid customers as the name REDX plans that will promise up to 50 percent of faster internet speed to the customers and other benefits to the customers and they will provide the best customer care support to their customers. The plan has filled with the TRAI for past eight months with the further modifications to the plan filled in May with some customers onboarding the plan as per the sources.

Vodafone officials said, Vodafone REDX plan offers a range benfits including unlimited data, calls, premium content for their customers.

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