Consistent involves reflecting on the present moment and at the same time having a long-term view of the future.And preserving consistency before we achieve our target is important unless and unless we really choose to see a major difference in our lives.

That simply ensures that you maintain a commitment to yourself and others that you are doing what you are continually seeking out for yourself before the time is accomplished. Consistency allows one a firm belief that a aim is not too distant. This requires appreciation and confidence for the role and insists that you be loyal to yourself for long-term sustainable practice.

Consistency keeps us consistent, responsible for your ambitions, aspirations, expectations and decisions. It’s all about creating small motivational routines and behaviors that hold us concentrated on your greatest goals and objectives every day. So through this daily routine, we’ll be able to identify our mistakes or failures and have ample energy to reflect through them and better ourselves.

Maybe the strongest aspect about the consistency is the disappointment when you keep positive the longer you realize how much you’ve come. Because if you’re not clear with the improvements that you’re making, then maybe you’ve been lacking anything or not positive for a long time. Yes, it’s very challenging to be concentrated or stable for a very long time, because the purpose you ‘re failing to be successful is: You are focused on outcome rather than process:

Most people strive just for success or outcomes. The more we fix our attention on the consequence, the more it acts against us..Most of us are so anxious about our outcomes that they shift their focus from their plans to directly to what their outcomes will be.And this won’t be achieved unless without handwork and sacrifice over long period of time.Without going through certain processes that help us to achieve our goal and those where most of us are unable to achieve the result.

If you want to achieve you must build consistency in your plan and for that you need to define your plan:

Plan can be defined in four parts:

  1. Identify your desired outcome
  2. Identify your big ‘WHY’ behind your desired outcome
  3. Start setting goals that will help you to get you towards your desired outcome
  4. And now start working on the processes to accomplish these goals.

 So to make sure that that you follow the right path and willing to follow consistency for long time here are some tips to work for on:

How to develop more consistency:

1. Use morning ritual:

This the most important advice that has actually taught me to maintain my consistencySet an early morning ritual to do as soon as you get up. Because if you continue the day with enthusiasm and something you enjoy, then that also provides a tone for the majority of the day to follow. And as people, we’ve been consistent about what we’ve done before. And that’s one major explanation why bad start always contributes to bad start and good start often leads to good day.

2. Do things even if you don’t feel like it:

Often we don’t like the path that we have to pursue to accomplish our target, or often we feel exhausted or demotivated, but even though events like that happen, we will try to do so to retain our commitment even though we don’t feel like doing it sometime.

3. Stay focused and take the responsibility for yourself not the potential results:

If you concentrate on the plan, you can feel more confident and focused when working on it, rather than desperately looking at potential outcomes that will never arrive as easily as you want.

4.Start loving your process:

If you start enjoying your everyday routine of achieving your target, you will never know the discomfort or commitment of your handwork, and your success will come to you very quickly.

5.Find an accountability partner:

It means that you dont need to broadcast your plans or intentions to the whole world to be accountable.Select one or two trusted friends to share your goal.Give them your timeline and ask them to be accountable.With their support na motivation too you will be helped to remain consistent.