Living isn’t expensive but trying to live like other make it so

Everything doesn’t happen the same way again. Nothing repeats, but if it repeats, it’s unintentional. Don’t hope the same thing to happen for you the way it happened for your mate. Destiny is different for different people. May be you are meant for another job. Take the pain, feel the pain. You are not the duplicate of your friend. He might have talent in one aspect and you might have in some other. Don’t do what exactly he does, if so you are the only person who is trying to kill your unknown talent.

Being you isn’t doing things in different way which are already done. Doing the undone is becoming you. No one loves their own life and believing in themselves. Always thinking of someones life and feeling to have a life like them is worthless. Be you and make yourself from yourself. Dont try to be like others because it makes your life invisible. If you don’t want your life to be existed then try to live like others. Have your identity because it’s you. You are atleast important to yourself. Atlast you should accept yourself. Have faith in you and being you isn’t wrong. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself.

If not you, whom do you expect to have a respect on you. You should care about yourself. No one cares you because everyone are busy building their lives. Have respect on you because it’s you with whom you gonna spend your rest of the life. Accept yourself, try to remake you and try to change the way you want see you. You can still do whatever you feel you can’t. You can’t feel the impossible, if you felt something, then later on someday it will happen. People won’t thing something that won’t happen. May be it won’t happen now, may be its impossible now. The only thing that is stopping us from doing is the border now. Having a dream that is literally impossible will be possible in future. The impossible present will definitely be a possible future. Future is unpredictable.

Have a composed life rather than rushing towards a life you think better for you. Have a pleasant and calm life. Living isn’t expensive but trying to live like others make it so. Try to live like you and copying is expensive. Be happy and content with what you have.