Anger management

Getting angry on someone is the most easiest thing because it almost happens all the time. Can we control anger? Can we stop before we get it? Anger is a sudden reaction of the pressure inside that occurred due to disagreement of your opinion. Anger has a great impact because we speak without control. Words that come out of our mouth were actually came from our heart. Usually people hide the true opinions and try to fake friendships. But due to this sudden process the opinion of us over others comes out in a sudden manner.

Things done can never be undone so think before you do. Thinking about done doesn’t erase done. Neither can we change the past not set the future. So think about present because it’s the only thing that’s in our control. May be I can modify the sentence as present is also not in our hands atleast we have a feel that it’s in our control. The feel of real is not real but we are atmost in real. It gives us confidence and hope of our chances to change our present. Going with the flow is a old phrase which makes our lives flow like a wave in a sea. Have focus because its something that stops us from making something. Our conscience reacts only when it’s emergency, so depending on it is not trustworthy.

Have a clarity over your doing. Anger can’t be stopped from getting started. But we can decrease the intensity. We don’t know the initial point of the anger when it’s about to start. But we can remember it only after the incident. So try to stop the origin isn’t in our hands because it happens all of sudden and we don’t have control over it. So try to save ourselves from becoming worse is the only option left with us. We get to know about ourself at the time of anger. We need to control ourselves by shifting our thought to some other thoughts.

Manage your anger by thinking of something else and let your brian think in different direction. Have a shift over your thoughts and manage your anger. Don’t try to stop anger because you can’t stop it. Try to control the intense when you have conscience over your doing. It decreases the intense of your anger and thereby letting you mange your anger.