Approaching opposite gender

Why can’t I speak to opposite sex? What is the reason for it? What is it stopping many of us to atleast reply them in a gentle manner? I too don’t have a answer but the answer to my question lies in question itself. Is it shy or fear which is taking us far from here? These are common and frequently faced question by almost every individual.

When you can’t face you will never face it. If you face it now you will never have to face it again. Facing now will make you face it forever and will not make you feel as though you are facing it. If you have no wrong intention then you will feel free to talk. Feeling insecure about the opinion of the person whom you wanna talk will make you feel about yourself what you feel about the feel the other person gonna feel. But he’s never gonna feel because you will never gonna speak. It’s just a feeling that you feel that will be never felt by other person. If you can speak then speak, if you can’t speak then sont think about it. Wasting time on something that you will never do is something that you never get. It will happen all of sudden. If it is meant to happen it will happen for sure. Thinking about something that you can’t do unless some force make you do so is mere waste. Don’t wait for the moment because the moment happens when it wanted to.

Feel free to make a move. Have guts to do something that is not wrong. Doing something that never gonna harm others is acceptable and it’s never done because people beleive it as some wrong thing. Speaking to speak is good but speaking for the purpose of wrong intention is wrong. If you speak something that is not wrong then no one treats you in a wrong way. If you can’t speak and it’s not intended then atleast there will sometime in future where a situation arises where you have to speak because it had to happen. The only thing is stop wasting time on thinking on how to approach opposite sex to talk. It’s as simple as that. If you can, you will. If you can’t, you can’t. Don’t think of it, if it’s intended then it will happen. Daring at the moment will make you comfortable not inly to thay moment. The intensity of comfort increses as the fear decreases. Everything is normal unless you feel it so.