United States attempts to increase military power by testing Hypersonic Missile, 17 times faster than sound

The United States has designed a Hypersonic Missile which speeds 17 times faster than sound. According to a Senior American Military Official, this Hypersonic was successfully tested in the Pacific Ocean in March. CNN gave information on this test in its report. American President Donald Trump hinted towards designing a missile like this in May. However, this is the first a Military Official claimed to this.

The US is also testing a Cruise Missile. However, it will not be equipped with nuclear power. The US did inform about the successful test of missile 5 times faster than the speed of sound on March 20.

America will test 40 hypersonic missiles

On June 30, Mark Lewis, director of the US Defense Research and Engineering Department said they will conduct 40 flight tests of hypersonic missiles over the span of 4 years. America has already tested the long-range missile X-51 in the Pacific Ocean region in March. Russia and China are ahead in the race with such weapons. In view of this, Trump administration is also focusing on designing hypersonic missiles. US defense scientist says China has acquired this technology using sources from The United States.

Russia and China are already acquired with such missiles

Hypersonic missiles can normally hit targets up to 5 times faster than sound and can be fired from a high altitude. In December 2019, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced to include the first hypersonic missile Avanguard in its defense fleet. While China already informed about its DF-17 hypersonic missile in October 2019, two months before Russia.

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