Yesterday will not repeat

Believe in your future if you had a bad past. If you are going through worst present then remember your sweet memories from past. You can’t decide your future with one incident because it ruins your whole future. Give more time to your future because we can’t know when is the time that changes our fate. Believe in yourself if you want a better future. It’s you who should have a hope on you. The confidence on you is the confidence on your future.

The yesterday is bad, then think of better present, if today is worse, then think of better future. Time changes the way it does. Believe in it. Everyone will have a good time but the time for everyone is not same. Be good and do good to have good. It’s not in our hands to decide our future but it’s we who have to make it from whatever it happens. Making form worse is the best thing. Have hope to create yourself from scrap. Nothing goes in vain, if you want something from nothing it take time. Believe yourself and keep on working. One day will definitely become the someday that you dreamt off.

Remembering bad incident is easy because it’s never not forgotten that easy. Cherishing happy moment is not done so often because it’s momentary. Celebrate the life by cherishing happy moments and by forgetting sad. Beleive in long life because it’s way more to live. Never settle as though believing in short life. Life keeps on going if you keep on exploring. It’s never too late to get out of your sadness. Thinking of it makes us to think more and leaves us in a cycle where we can’t escape because our mind never makes us to think out of it. So believe in having a great destiny and live accordingly.