The EXACT 10 Steps You Need- to become a BETTER Writer

I receive more than 50 E-mails a day from people all over the world asking me for “TIPS” on becoming a WRITER. Didn’t you just write me a mail ? That makes us all writers. But people think of writing as an ART which only few possess, WHY? Because they write everyday. However there are some who simply want to get better at writing just like you and me.

Here are some tried and tested steps on how to become a writer specifically a better one:

5 Steps To Becoming a Professional Writer | BKA Content


Pick up a pen and a paper without thinking too much. Nowadays, I write on my mobile phone by typing whatever comes to my mind. So pick up the writing tools of your choice and sit in a comfortable place.


There is no style of writing or rules to what not to write. You are your own rule-maker so instead be the rule-breaker. Write your own style.


DO NOT start writing for the trend of it. Write what you feel connected to. Become the trend setter by pouring your heart into those words.


If the purpose of your writing is to publish the work then write what you will read as an audience.


It is okay to take inspiration from other Writer’s work. BUT don’t copy the entire content. Ideas can be shared but thoughts should be your own.


There is no Language of Writing. My thoughts occur in my mother tongue-Tamil– and my regional language- Hindi/Marathi-; however, my education was in- English; hence I find comfort in it. Never feel embarrased about the language of your writing, it is your greatest super power.


Write Everyday or at least every alternate day. Writing was an art in the past but today it is a skill which can be developed by practice and habitual scribbling of thoughts and opinions.


Be relatable in your writing. Readers like to read articles which relate to them and hence they feel hostile and comfort in your words. I often portray myself as the character in my stories, the one who got to gain the experiences that life threw at me. Chances are all humans face similar challenges in life. Relatable AF!


Let your writing be creative and free-flowing. You can always edit it later with but your initial draft should be fresh. To put it more easily- WRITE DRUNK BUT EDIT SOBER.

STEP 10:

Send your works to people who always motivate you – friends, family or even professional writers like me and many others. This will motivate you to write more regularly and also to feel validated and improve yourself in the process. Learn and grow fellow WRITERS!

Hope these tested steps qualify as practical tips to anybody in need. Do COMMENT your steps, to becoming a better writer in the comments below or leave a comment if you need more TIPS.