Title – Being Women

Introduction –
‘It has never been a good time to be a woman.’ Shackled at home, deprived of rights in society, and subjected to gender bias at the workplace, women have borne the brunt of being the weaker sex all through history. Though the skew in rights and treatment haven’t quite corrected itself, women are possibly in a better place today than ever before. This is because of rising awareness, availability of global forums, and social media to voice their anguish and angst, changes in laws to empower them, and proactive governments to implement gender-neutral law. Still, there are many areas that can do with a nudge to empower them, one being the succession, inheritance laws, Marriage, Divorce (especially in Muslim law), Maintenance, Protection, Equal rights, and freedom. The share of inheritance of a woman is half that of a man. Since upon marriage, a woman receives mahr and maintenance from the husband, as well as inheritance, while a man only has the inherited property, it is generally considered that the woman should have a lesser share in the inherited property.
When all these things get over, there comes lack of freedom to choose what to wear, whom to marry, Pursuing career is war-like situation for a woman and when she fights with all this taboo she fears walking on the road with a sense of Security. She faces Eve Teasing, Assault, Violence, Rape, Trafficking, and whatnot. She even needs to prove to the law that she doesn’t bleed by choice, but that’s natural and sanitary napkins, taprooms are not luxurious but essential commodities. 

Though there are multiple amendments as of 2019 for women’s wellbeing still there is wide scope for development in the following fields – 
1 – Right to Education and pursue  job to make them self-reliant
2 – Equal Share in Inheritance Property 
3 – Protection against Unconstitutional way of divorce.
4 – Gender Equality 
5 – Protection against men doing four Nikhas (marriage) and get entitlement under uniform civil code and such act shall get published under bigamy or polygamy as the case may be. 
6 – Freedom to choose a life partner from other caste as well, as India is Secular country hence prohibiting adults to choose a partner to get married from same cast shall be offense. 7 – Age of puberty shall not be same as Age of maturity hence At least till women attain age of 18 she shall not be forced to get married as she should be given chance to develop mentally and physically for becoming part of married life and having sexual intercourse or say conceiving child.(under Muslim Law) 

Article 44 of Indian Constitution – Uniform Civil Code v. Women’s Right – 
Because none of the politician want to loosen their vote banks, they never actually give a try for uniform civil code for all citizens irrespective of Gender or Caste. But unfortunately Womans specially Muslim Sisters are suffering alot to get justice because of their own septate Muslim Act (not being against their Act but raising voice for equal opportunity and justice for both gender) I feel it’s peak time to make uniform law in practicality and end this controversy of applicability of Article 44.

“Women don’t need special treatment they just need protected environment with equal opportunity to develop as a human and enjoy Right to Life and Personal liberty provide under Article 21 of Constitution.”

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                                                                                                                       By Sonu Chaturvedi