Depression : a myth or a serious problem ?

What is depression

Most of the time people feel sad or depressed. It’s normal reaction to loss or struggles in life. But when this sadness become intense – including feeling helpless, worthless , hopeless , lack of self esteem and lack of confidence – last for many days to weeks and keeps you from living your life happily, it may something more than sadness. You could have clinical depression – a treatable medical condition. 

Symptoms of depression 

Depression symptoms can vary from mild to severe and can conclude: 

1. You can’t sleep or sleep too much almost every day,

2.  You have almost no interest or pleasure in many activities nearly every day,

3.  You’ve lost or gained weight.

4.  You feel restless,

5.  You often think about suicide or death,

6. You feel tired or lack of energy,

7.  Loss pleasure in life,

8.  Have sad, anxious or empty feelings.

Physical signs of the depression

There are some physical sign of the condition they may include back pain, joint pain, digestive problems, sleep trouble and  breathing problems. At any one time it is estimated that more than 300 million people have depression – about 4% people of the world’s population when the figures were published by world health organization (WHO) in 2015 women are more likely to be depressed than man.


The WHO estimates that Fewer than half of people with depression are receiving treatment. Many more will getting inadequate help, often focused on medication. 

The most common therapy is congnitive Behavioural therapy, which breaks down overwhelming promotion into Situations , thoughts, emotions, physical feelings And actions try to break a cycle of negative thoughts.

If you or you know someone who has symptoms of depression, talk to your doctor. he can evaluate you And offer you treatment or refer you to a mental health professional.


While there are more and more treatments for depression. The problem is rising not falling. 

According to a research , From 2005-15 , cases of Depressive illness increase by nearly a fifth. People born after 1945 are 10 times more likely To have depression this reflects both population growth and a proportional increase in the rate of depression. Among the most at- risk ages. the WHO said.

A key reason for the Continuing rise in depression cases Is that drug is that drug not necessarily “cure” the patient. And other therapies that can make the crucial difference are not in sufficient supply.

So we have conclude that we should openly talk about depression illness and it’s symptoms we should not take it lightly or as a myth. Mostly in Indian society when anyone is suffered by depression insted of helping the person, we considered that person as mentally disabled. We need to understand that depression is Simlar to cold and fever if anyone is needed is just the right treatment.