Education system due to Covid ’19:

As we can see, because of this pandemic covid’19 there are millions of people who have lost their employment without their consent. There are hundreds of many individuals who also haven’t earned salaries even after struggling too hard for their valued employment till now. Infact there are many families that don’t even have housing to stay in because of the rents they’ve been staying in.

So even after observing all these conditions, students will still be paying entire fees for the coming academic year. 


I can’t digest at the extent that all lectures will be held online owing to the lockout, no usage can be made of college premises such as classes, libraries, computer laboratories, research labs, sporting facilities, canteens, why are students expected to charge for these things? Why are students receiving threatening calls from college premises saying they would refuse to compensate for their academic year, if they do not pay?Why are those students who already paid their fees are tortured because the students who cant afford to pay fees that if they don’t pay fees online lectures wont be conducted. Why there is no understanding from the parents point of view about for the problems they are facing to even handle their home chores.

In such situations many parent are targeting even teachers for which they are not at all responsible. Teachers too are not getting salaries on time from colleges or schools. Infact these teachers are too being forced to influence the children to pay their fees.

And without purpose teachers are often abused by both colleges as well as students. while they are struggling to understand about this modern technology method of teaching, they are told from one side college to keep online lectures and from other side students not showing any interest in online lectures and abusing them.

Parents and students who assume that pressuring teachers over these problems would make them fulfill their requests, but it’s absolutely false. Since the major game is played by college premises and administrators. They’re utilizing all the powerful resources.

They are neither reducing the fees of students nor paying salaries to teachers incharged  . 

Parents and teachers should lodge complaints against these colleges for the advantages they ‘re taking through this tough period. 

Colleges can either postpone online lessons or not accept any tuition from the enrolled students in these schools for a period of three months from April 1 to July 1 or before the start the of offline / physical school courses.

Nevertheless, some states who tried to look at the concerns and had already filed petitions among them, the Punjab government, on Thursday, nonetheless, had ordered schools to release maximum wages for workers and not to ask parents to pay books, uniforms and transportation fees and stated that no school should charge students fees on the pretext of online teaching classes during the lockdown. 

Although many parents have reached out to the Delhi government over the time requesting waiver of fees, no decision in this regard has yet been taken. 

And with that we will all be waiting in the expectation that the government will take actions taking into consideration our circumstances and writs.

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