How to gain self confidence?

Have you ever backed out from anything because of the feeling that you are not capable for it? Most of the people do that often. We might have lost some precious golden opportunities to reveal ourselves and to make ourselves proud just because of the lack of trust in ourselves. What if I do it wrong? What if it doesn’t work the way as I planned? This “what if” is what that kills all the positiveness in you and make yourself a coward and stagnant. We are indeed deceived by these negative thoughts that we are incapable and ineffective. Do we have to live our whole life hanging to this lie? Its high time we had to realize we are not as bad and inactive as we think we are. How can you make yourself believe that? Here are some tips!

  • Focus more on what you have than what you don’t. We all have the tendency to give attention to what we lack rather than focusing on things we are good at. It’s indeed great to know our weaknesses and try to improve it. But at the same time, also look at the things that you are blessed with. It will make you believe in yourself and foster your self confidence.
  • Practice the skills in you. You may be great at different things but again the lack of self confidence will always let you down. One of the ways to improve it by practice the skills that you possess. With effective practice and training you will gain confidence to do that no matter what.
  • Be optimistic always. Avoid the negative thoughts that keep coming to your mind. Always think positive. It’s good to have fear and anxiety as that can prepare you well. But it is also important to keep an optimistic mind.
  • Love yourself. This is really important for anyone. You can never achieve success in your life until you don’t love yourself. Believe in you. Always prove yourself that you are not as bad as you think you are. Never compare yourself with other people. Live your life in your way.
  • Don’t back out. We tend to back out from the things just because of the negative fear we have. Never let that happen. Try doing things that challenge you. This will be a key point to build your confidence.

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