Acid attack in women is a burning issue in the present scenario. It is the most heinous form of violence against women. Perpetrator’s aim is not to kill the victim but to leave her in a pathetic condition. Injuries on the body heal and leave scars not only on the body but also physically and psychologically the whole personality of the survivor affected. Male victims were commonly affected in most of the countries, but in Bangladesh, Taiwan, Cambodia, and the USA (Newyork), females were the most common victim.[1] Violence against women has become a critical issue of discussion at every platform in recent world.
Despite the existing laws and banning of over counter sale of acid, this horrific crime has been on the rampant rise in India . Compared to women throughout the world, women in India are at higher risk of being victims of acid attacks, 72% of reported acid attacks in India have involved women. The one-sided affairs often faced denial from women and thus hit the ego of men. Females are usually considered as a second-class citizen in this male dominant society, influenced by cultural and social norms. These norms award
males to be aggressive, powerful, controlling and thus contribute to a social acceptance of dominant part of our society. Ignorance and justification of sex-linked offenses by our society are also precipitating factor for such heinous crime. In rural India, Indian mythology and scriptures, which teach a woman to respect and obey their male counterpart, such as a woman should eat only after him, should walk behind him in public, etc., are prevalent,
unlike the urban areas. When these people migrate to urban areas, these male individuals are more reluctant to accept the equality of gender and often indulged in these types of
cold premeditated assault. Besides, its easy availability and illegal sale of acids over-the-counter are also some additional contributory factors. ] In some cases, jealousy of these perpetrators has crossed to such extent that they throw or pour acid over the genital region. These cases were also associated with the sexual assault. Physical damages are repairable but the damages, which are inflicted over emotions of the victim, completely destroyed the hopes and dreams of her innocent mind. Acid attack is a deadly nuisance against her alluring appeal. It destroyed her identity, self-esteem, and
confidence immediately and on the long-term prevalent stigma of justifying the violence against women, forces her to live a life of socialeconomic sequestration. Level of
this stigma is so strong that their faces not only become roadblocks to the social life but also a major brunt on their livelihood . Hence this is a major problem of todays era and a change is to be brought about this henious crime in our society and it will only be possible with cooperation of all excluding none .

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