N is ‘N’OBLE



N is ‘N’IFTY

  • “N” OBLE, Law is a ‘Noble’ Profession as its purpose is to conserve and preserve the moral sanctity that binds the society and it protects and upholds the law, this is depicted in Article 14 as per the Constitution of India, the State shall not deny to any person equality before law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.
  • “E” NERGY, we are full of ‘Energy’ and ‘zeal’ due to Lawyers providing legal aid to all as “Justice delayed is Justice denied”.
  • “O” BEDIENT, as Lawyers  we appear in Hon’ble Court in person at certain place, time and aid the person who seeks justice when the  summons, notice, order, or proclamation proceeding issued from any public servant who is  legally competent to the same as stated  under Section 174 of Indian Penal Code.
  • “N” IFTY meaning Skilful. An Advocate is effective and good in proffering legal assistance, apart from being an avid Listener and an effective communicator.

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