“Justice delayed is Justice denied” – The case of police brutality in Sathankulam, Tamilnadu.

The very phrase “Justice delayed is Justice denied ” is an antonym for the word “justice” because justice means the quality of being fair and reasonable which in the very least is considered in our country. Everyday we see innocent people being charged for something they did not do, women being victims of sexual assaults, people being murdered in the name of honour killing etc . But are the people who commit these crimes arrested?. Justice has become a joke material in our country. Justice is something people talk about in social media platforms, create memes and write articles about, but nothing can ever change the delay in justice because after months and years of yearning for justice the only thing innocent people receive is their justice being denied.
India is a country known for dragging innocent people all their lives for justice. The recent incident of the police assault done to Felix and Jeyaraj is the perfect example of a manifold denial of justice. Jeyaraj aged 58 and his son Fenix aged 31 who resided in Sathankulam, Tuticorin, were arrested on the night of June 19, 2020 for having their shop open beyond the curfew time of coronovirus induced lock down but a video evidence proved that they weren’t guilty of the charge. Yet the duo was arrested and tortured throughout the night only because the police had some personal vengeance against them. They were tortured in ways that was extremely inhuman and cannot be explained. The police used their power and authority to murder those men and shamelessly blame the men for their fate. Justice was murdered in the first place when the men were taken under custody for a crime they did not commit. Justice was crushed into pieces when these men became the victim of assault by the police. And justice was denied to them when they were deprived of their basic Human Rights. The men were not allowed to exercise their right to life and liberty and freedom from torture.
The incident became the recent best example of the phrase ” Justice delayed is Justice denied” because justice was not given even at the cost of two lives and the plight of their family members. The policemen who assaulted these men were only suspended and transferred not dismissed or put in jail for the crime they committed but the innocent lost their lives with peace being shattered for the rest in their family. Here is a serious delay in justice because the policemen have not received the punishment they deserve which by all means is a pure denial of justice in our country. This alone is not a pathetic situation of our country, there is more to it, an article stated that a senior police officer told the press that hardly any police officer had been put behind bars for any custodial deaths. This is just one case among the thousand other cases of police brutality which is often not addressed. Policemen are supposed to be the protectors of the people in a country. But rather they have instilled fear in the minds of people and have failed to be man’s best friend. Fenix and Jeyaraj are not the only ones who have been deprived of their justice but the entire nation because it is very evident that when justice is delayed eventually it leads to its denial creating a scenario where anybody who is in power and authority can get away with whatever crimes they commit.
Such incidents do not just reflect badly on the police force of our country but also on the justice system which is supposed to give people hope that their lives and words matter. Social media posts, memes, videos, petition letters, rally, strike or anything of that sort will not advance justice. The government must realise that every single life in the country has a right to justice and it must be bestowed upon them irrespective of their power, authority etc. Everybody must be equal in the eyes of justice because that is what the scales of justice stand for. There are good people and there are bad people but justice must always on the side of the good and it should be provided immediately otherwise it looses it’s meaning and purpose.

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