Chhattisgarh: Eight youths gang-rape two minor sisters, blackmail them with recorded video

On 31st May, two minor girls were raped by 8 men, including a cousin of theirs’. The incident unfolded in Baloda bazaar district of Chattisgarh, when both these girls were out with their male friends.
On their way back, 8 drunkard men approached them, thrashed all the four, scared the two boys away and raped both the girls, in a deserted area, the girls were silenced of the fact that they had made a video and would circulate it, therefore there was no report made immediately.
After the incident, there was no peace for these girls, as they were called every day, blackmailed for circulating a video, the threatening escalated to a point that after two months, one of the girls called the women helpline, subsequently an FIR was filed.
Consequently 11 people are booked under various sections of IPC and POCSO, the two friends were booked for kidnapping as the girls were minor.

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