AI-equipped & lightest in its class – the DRDO-made Bharat drone soon to be deployed.

By Udbhav Bhargava


The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has provided the Indian Army with a special made-in-India drone at the backdrop of the recent standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), called Bharat, was developed by DRDO laboratory based in Chandigarh, amid increasing border tensions with China. The drone is a piece of Indian technical expertise, and a response / counter to China’s unveiled helicopter drones.


The recently developed unmanned AR500C helicopter, built by China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC). The helicopter drone is capable of performing missions including recognition and communication relay but can also perform electronic disruption, target indication, fire strike, cargo delivery, nuclear radiation and chemical contamination recognition if additionally equipped. The unmanned helicopter can be operated with ease via a keyboard and a screen.

According to experts, if commissioned into the Chinese military in the future, an unmanned helicopter such as the AR500C can assist in missions in the high elevation border areas, as it can keep a watchful eye on the skies for extended periods and patrol places that are difficult for infantry troops to reach on foot, which can increase the Chinese surveillance and recognition power.

‘Bharat’ Drone – World’s most agile and lightest

Touted by the developers to be one of the ‘world’s most agile and lightest surveillance drones’, the UAV has been developed fully indigenously by the DRDO. According to DRDO sources cited by news agency ANI, the “small yet powerful drone works autonomously at any location with great accuracy. The unibody biomimetic architecture with advanced release technology is a deadly combination for monitoring missions.


Interestingly, the drone is fitted with artificial intelligence to identify friends and enemies and then react accordingly. Extreme weather conditions The monitoring system has been designed to work in severe cold, with extreme weather conditions along the LAC in mind. With Chinese troops transgressing along the LAC as the key obstacle, the drone also provides real-time video transmission during the search, and can even detect people hiding under deep forest cover. The drone has also been fitted with night vision capabilities and its stealthy architecture ensures its signature from enemy radars remains undetected.

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