Regional Arts And Moral Education.

India, undoubtedly is a land of cultures, diversity and uniqueness. As Swami Vivekananda stated, “It teaches not only tolerance, but also acceptance. Various languages, cultures, practices have flourished throughout the nation with all their multiplicity. It has therefore retained it’s originality, in spite of the advent of modernity. In other words, some of these arts have become successful in coping with the dynsmism of the society by undergoing some changes in it along with retaining it’s original essence. Every such community inherits it’s own way of life and culture. However, all such diversities are blended together by epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and other Puranic stories. It has become the common hold which brings all the diversities yo lead a harmonious life.

We can take a example of South Canara. It is not an exception to this. Yakshagana, Harikatha, Bhutakola, Kambala and so on represent the uniqueness of our culture. While Kambala and Bhutakola glorify our local ethnicity, Yakshagana and Harikatha through the recitation of mythological stories uphold common life and simultaneously educate the younger generation to lead a humble and meaningful life.

Value education is must to the younger generation, both for peaceful existence and national progress. Hence it would be a good idea to educate them in this direction by exposing them to such arts which not only provide entertainment but also develop a deeper insight and introspection, distinction between good and evil, along with the imparting human values among them. This in turn, reduces cruelty, inefficiency, increases love for truth, justice and universal welfare.

I have seen number of Yakshagana episodes in my childhood. I have always associated myself with the divine and just personalities, both in their joys and sorrows acknowingly. I have shed tears for their downfall and pains and have also rejoiced in their joys and victories. Therefore, we have been brought up in such a way that we are not only cleansed to injustice but also made to respond to another’s agony.

In this way, people through their involvement with these kinds of regional arts, get cleansed from all evils and have been imparted virtues without bothering much about the trivialities of life. While an innocent mind is fascinated by its miraculous nature, the matured mind is fashioned by its historicity. However, as they delve into it more and more, they discover something which makes the world more tangible and intangible. By and large, there is necessary for the exposure of children to the regional arts which not only cultivates passion for literature, but also open their thoughts to the harsh realities of life and show the path towards solving problems.

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