Those were the days when we all used to go to the college or schools through metro and bus , tasting every corner of the life . That happiness of chasing the bus just because we are getting late for the classes , still get late in the class . The adventure of travelling with sudden jolts in the bus has another important role in our journey . we used to go to college , meet and greet with our friends , enjoy and work on ourselves by participating in diffrent societies , physically . A wonderfull journey , it is . But , this covid -19 has ruined all the plans and everything has transformed from offline mode to online mode . At first , we all were excited to study through online classes as we are relieved from our hectic schedule and can do work just by sitting at home . But , it is not like that , rather it has increased more stress and anxiety in us , which is not good for our health.

The online mode is making us sit in front of our phone and laptop early in the morning as everything is work from home. Anxiety has increased among the people of every age and we have become lazy , a bad news it is . It is impacting on our eyes and causing us headache . We have to bow down in front of this situation as its about our life . It is giving us back aches . In my opinion , yes it is a smart move in this time but a reliable move .

The work is easy for teachers as they teach us using PPT’s and our doubts remained uncleared . Earlier , teachers were not used to put efforts and take the classes regularly , but , now classes are also happening regularly as it is really easy for them , not much efforts required for them to put in . The classes are not fruitful for us , as it is creating blur in our minds for most of the topics . On the other hand , the situation demands this kind of studying , at least we are studying.

I pray for the situation to get normal as soon as possible so that we can study they way we used to , with much more clarity.

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