Post Covid Clinic

On Thursday a post Covid clinic started in Rajiv Gandhi hospital for people who have recovered from Corona. Few people who have recovered from coronavirus are facing problems such as body pain, exhaustion and difficulty in breathing. This post Covid clinic is for the help people facing such problems after recovery. The hospital’s medical superintendent B.L. Sherwal says that huge number of people recovering from Corona do not face much problem after recovery. But among all those people who are facing facing any problem almost 80% people have complained about exhaustion and body pain. Where is there are some people who have problem in breathing even after recovering. It is only few days since the clinic has been operating. As the number of patients will increase it will help in recognising what all problems one faces after recovering and how to cure them. According to doctor most of the people have recovered want to know which medicine to eat and what all medical tests to go for further. We can only help patient after proper medical check up. Different people are facing different problems. First do doctors collect information regarding the medical history of the patient after they were discharged from the hospital and then doing their ECG and PFT test. If needed an x-ray of lungs and other necessary check up is also done.

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