5 reasons to start writing a journal

Journaling is all about writing down your daily life experiences and thoughts that helps you stay focus in your life and help identify the reasons that pushes you off the track at times from the path you have decided to follow to make your life better.
Here are the following 5 reasons that explains why keeping a journal is helpful for any individual who is struggling in their life.
1) It becomes your best friend in need- Most of the time journaling helps in emotionally unburdening ourselves from the hurt or disappointments or any other mental stress which we find uncomfortable sharing with others fearing judgements.You can write your deepest fears or deepest secrets into a diary and it would act as your secret keeper forever.Emotional unburdening by writing thus helps you clear your mind and help you focus on the important aspects in life.
2) Helps in solving your problems- writing down your thoughts everyday helps in tracking your thoughts and access it constructively. Writing down the problems you are facing at the present helps in shifting the problems from your brain to the paper which ultimately helps you in solving the issues, bringing more clarity on life. It let’s you understand what do you exactly want in life and what should you do to achieve it.
3) Self-reflection- journals help you keep a track of your important life events and when you go back in time, flipping the past pages of life you get to see how far you have come. It also helps you understand life better and gives you an insight about who you are as a person.
4) It tracks your overall development- having a habit of writing down you life experiences helps you to keep a check on your own habits and mistakes you have committed so far. It reminds you of not to do the same mistake ever again helping you to remember the lessons learned so far. It keeps a track of your progress as well. Going through your journal at every achievement you accomplish, makes you realise how you have got at the place you are at present.
5) Assists in personal growth- the best thing about journaling is that no matter what, it would always help you become a better person in the end. Journal writing can be used either for personal development, becoming a better version of yourself or achieving your life goals, it would always help you in analysing yourself practically and help you take the best decisions in life. Personal growth is thus the best outcome of journal writing.
So readers, try to pen down your thoughts and life experiences into a diary from today onwards, if you are not into the habit of journal writing and see the difference it brings to your life. Happy journaling!

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