Life is like a Game of Chess, it changes with Evey move.

Chess is a game of intense planning and pure thinking. When compared to real life, the possibilities of it being similar to our day to day life seem endless. To start with, chess is a game where everyone gets s chance to show their skills and sure enough, many outperform themselves in pursuit of winning. Every move in the person’s life is like a movie in the game of chess, evey mistake he commits costs him a chess piece, sooner or later. The chess board resembles our life situation, evey box (black or white) is out chance and we make moves risking all our chances. Buy that is not all, every chess piece has its own importance.

Let us now start with the lowest, or the cimparively weakest group, the Pawn – a chess piece that many of us might be looking down upon. This guy can make only a single move at a time can strike only once, only forward and diagonal. It is, in many circumstances, sacrificed to save another chess-piece. When compared to our lives and we too have been in situations when we have up give up small comforts to gain something, considering the old saying – ‘No pain, No gain’. Now moving on to another, we can start with the Bishop, a very fine chess piece, since it can make many move diagonally. Taking the rock alongside the which is able to move only horizontally and vertically in any possible length, these two chess piece get into situations where they are either stuck or trapped. They are then either left out or moved outside or another chess piece is sacrificed to save them or we choose to leave them at the opponent’s mercy. This is one such situation where we make risky and potentially dangerous moves for the of others. We help them to a certain extent, we even fight and sacrifice ourselves for them or we choose to leave them in their own miserable condition. Moving on to the next – the Knight, we usually refer to Knights as strong, brave, valiant and all the heroic stuff. The knight too is just as good, perhaps better, and rather special. This chess piece moves in the shape of an ‘L’ and can jump across too. In real life, we can compare it with love. It is special and it comes as a surprise. It is what makes us s Knight for our loved ones. Therefore, it is something we would certainly sacrifice for. Now let’s move on to our ‘Spotlight members’ – the King and the Queen, standing tall and high above all the other chess pieces. They are after all the most important. They can be compared with our destiny and ambition. We give up every other thing to achieve them but sometimes making wrong moves costs us dearly.

So, we have finally come to an understanding of something important – “we give up all our happiness, from our smallest wishes to our greatest ambitions, everything, just to reach the pinnacle of our life – to win (a do-or-die situation, you would call it)”. After all, God places us in situations and sits back and watches us make a move. Make sure you make the best one.

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