Technological Development And Global Unemployment.

“I don’t fear computer, I fear lack of them.” is a brilliant quote said by a Professor of Boston University.

Since the dawn if the industrial age, a recurrent fear has been that technologicsl change will spawn a massive unemployment but neoclassical economists predicted that it would not happen and that prediction had proven correct instead of unemployment a technology has a been a great job creating machine.

Two hundered years of breath taking innovation have produced living standard if ordinary people of the world with no sharpy rising trend if unemployment. Throughout much of the world people live longer, work much fewer hours and lead gently a healthier lives.

Technological development seems like creating unemployment but it is not so because prepare benefitted by the technologies, for unemployment there are many reasons behind it. One of the main reason is due to lack of skill. People lose their job as they are not skilled. For example, if wages of laborers goes up manager usually thinks of adopting robots or machines in place of them. Actually, technology creates new jobs. If we do not agree with development of technology then surely arises the problem of square peg for a round hole, which simply means that the right person for the job cannot be determined.

When technology changes, scope of work also changes. The work which was done 20 years back can’t be done in the same style now. If people go jog update themselves it leads to unemployment. As technology advances, new jobs are created, whereas, older ones become obsolete.

When people are educated and population is under control then development technology will help each and everyinr but in developing countries like India and China where population is strength, technology seems like creating unemployment.

Finally, in this fat growing era we have to develop. For that, technology is a key fsctor to make our works easier and safe. The ageing battle between the man and machine will continue as it had for centuries.

The question is, “Our machines taking over our jobs, or is our workload eased by their presence?”

At last, “Another bhadraha krutavoyantu vishwatha” which means let all good thought and deeds come to use from every nook and corner of the world.

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