Beauty, for most of us is a perfect build, flawless complexion, silky tresses, perfectly lined eyes, glossy lips, fancy outfits and accessories etc,.

But is it reality what we think it is? True, beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, i.e., evey person has a different view on what he/she considered to be beautiful or in short, perception of beauty is subjective. So beauty does have a lot to do with our perception. Still, human perception of things – let alone beauty – is very narrow.

Beauty is broader concept – it refers to all that exist in the universe, may be material or abstract, which smoothes and pleases our senses and have experienced and everything we haven’t. There’s beauty in music, there’s beauty in literature, in language, in philosophy, in spirituality, in science, in imagination, in emotions etc,. But we don’t know beauty even exist in these spheres. Why? That’s because we are humans and it is human behavior.

a) to overlook things and b) to take things for granted. We must be blind, deaf and dead to not witness this thing called beauty, which is present in every inch of “The Creation”.

There’s so much of beauty, yet to be discovered, that lies beyond the boundaries of over knowledge, as much as within it. And, all we’ve got is just one lifetime, to take in every details of this beautiful world and not for that, we have finally start utilizing our senses properly. We have to actually live, not just stay alive.

And while discussing this particular topic, it wouldn’t be fair to not include the general perception of beauty.

For its humans, beauty is only skin deep. We know looks, and not just that we also JUDGE! And judging is an underestiment. We MISJUDGE, to be frank. Any random person we might come across, first of all, we analyze them and jump to conclusions as to what they are, even though we do not know how they truly are. And almost, the entire process includes this phenomenon called ‘COMMENTING’, it’s never ‘COMPLIMENTING’.

There’d be times when we are like, ‘oh my God! She is such a fashion designer’ or ‘that’s nice hairstyle/dress, but it doesn’t suit him/her. There is no need of elaborating this further, because it’s something we have a lot of experience with.

Let’s come to inner beauty.

Inner beauty may be described as something that is experienced through the character of person. It’s the real beauty of a person that goes far beyond physical appearance. (And unfortunately, this is something we looks – obsessed people never notice) For instance, you speak to someone for a minute or so, and find that person pleasant or not do pleasant initially. But as the conversation goes on, you may start to pick qualities and traits and without realizing it, you may start to find the person more and more beautiful and charming. This is exactly what inner beauty is. Now much of us think so much of the person interacting with? Nil, I guess………… Pathetic, isn’t it!?

Inner beauty is nktnthst popular Ashte entire race of humanity has got it imprinted in their mind that looks equal to beauty. It is one of the “universal truths” for us. And there can’t be s chsnge in that particular approach, unless, all of the human brains are reprogrammed. The result of this ‘outer beauty approach’ of mankind is that, many of us, especially teens are undergoing mental stress and depression, as we think they are ugly, deformed with lots of flaws and such. They opt for make-up, surgery or other beauty treatments. Because they feel insecure about not looking beautiful. But applying make-up concerns the real ‘you’ and your charecter in this world is replaced by some fake doll! So, you aren’t going yourself the importance, the respect that you need to be giving, and upon that, you expect others to respect and admire you. That’s not fair..!

You are imperfect, everyone is. Someone try to conceal it, some others don’t feel the need to. And if you belong to the latter category, NEVER BACK OUT, you don’t have to care about what jobless people have to say about you. Having fewer of so called flaws doesn’t make the other person ‘perfect’. There is no perfect person in this world. ‘Perfection’ is only about time and circumstances. Moreover, your imperfection makes the least difference to all your near and dear ones. How much you mean to them, how perfect you make their lives, your subconscious knows it all. Just think over it and you’d know what you want in life.

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