Simple ways to stay self-disciplined

Do you often find yourself wandering away from the goals you want to achieve? Do you keep losing your will power and find it hard to stay motivated for achieving your desired goals, time and again? Well, this happens to everyone! The main reason for our lackadaisical attitude behind achieving anything that we have decided for ourselves is the lack of self-discipline.  
     Self-discipline is the ability to motivate yourself, stay on the right track and choose what’s best for yourself. It is basically about having the inner power to hang on and not give up, despite failures and setbacks. Some of the ways to stay self-disciplined are-
1) Pen down your goals- the best way to stay self-motivated is to write down your goals in a paper, with the reasons like why do you want to achieve that goal or what would happen if you fail to achieve it. Writing tricks your brain to take actions instantly, so every time you look at your goals to be achieved, you will start working for it without further delay. For example, if you want to lose weight set a goal about how much exactly you want to weigh after a month, looking at your goal every day would give you the much-needed boost to start working out and stop being a couch potato.
2) Identify your strengths and weaknesses – As a human being, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, which you need to identify and work towards bettering yourself, as a person. Knowing your strengths is considerably common while identifying your weaknesses becomes difficult at times. For example, if you are an overly sensitive person and get affected easily by what people say about you, then you have to work on yourself and turn that weakness into your strength, so as to not let people take advantage of that weakness.
3) Self-monitoring-  self-monitoring is an important self-disciplinary tool to keep yourself focused on your goal. For instance, if you have a goal to crack any competitive exam then while you are on your preparation mode, you should be constantly monitoring yourself, by marking on the calendar- the date you started your preparation, the dates you took a break from studies or even the dates you haven’t given your best while preparing. This would ultimately help you track your progress, boost your motivation and keep you on the right track. The same technique can be followed for weight loss goals as well.
4) Self-dependency- learn to become self-dependent in life. If you are a person who always needs people around to motivate you, or you get emotionally attached to people quite easily, then you should try to become less dependent on others for your emotional needs as the people around you today, might leave you alone tomorrow. So, it’s better to start depending on oneself instead of others. Seeking help is a different matter altogether though, as this is necessary at times but investing your time and emotions too much on others may harm you in the long run. Hence, try to become self-dependent in life, for your own good. This would assist you in keeping distractions at bay and you will be more focused on achieving your goals solely.
5) Delete toxic people from life- there are people often around our lives or into our lives who are toxic in nature, filled with negativities. They can’t see you doing good in your life and would always come up with negative opinions. They would doubt your potential talent and would question your dreams. They would do everything to bring you down and try to crush your self-esteem, this is where you need to stop those people from having access into your life. Cut ties with them completely. They would try to distract you from your goals and would make you feel miserable about yourself. Most people often fall for it and start criticising themselves. So choose your friends wisely and delete people out of your life as and when needed.
The above-mentioned points, are some of the ways by which you can stay self-disciplined, keep your self-esteem high and stay away from negativities. Believe in yourself, dear readers and have faith in your abilities to achieve anything you want in your life. Keep working hard and never give up on your dreams, no matter what! Just Keep going!