Dreadful Climate Change Scenario of India

The first climate change assessment report of India

A research conducted by the Ministry of Earth Sciences a week ago concludes a very dreadful image of climate change and its effect on the nation in the coming decades. It is the first climate change evaluation report developed for India by specialists in the nation’s research institutions.

The research is led by the experts of climate at India Meteorological Department (IMD) and Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM). Reports of the UN’s IPCC and different organizations have seen climate change in India as a major aspect of a worldwide phenomenon, and concentrated in some biologically significant areas like the Himalayas.

The report ‘Assessment of Climate Change over the Indian Region’ investigates of all the climate change phenomena in the past few years and is exceptionally exhaustive. Its study and conclusions need an immediate thought and action process. It concludes:

  • The normal temperature in India, before this current century is over, will rise by approximately 4.4 degrees Celsius comparative with the 1976-2005 normal. The normal ascent during the 1901-2018 period was 0.7 degrees Celsius.
  • The ocean surface temperature in the Indian Ocean during the 1951-2015 period was one degree Celsius, which was more than the worldwide normal.
  • There will be an abatement in rainstorm precipitation and a rise in temperatures which will raise ocean levels and cause more serious dry spells and tornadoes.
  • The progressions will prompt a decrease in horticultural yield and freshwater assets and harm the infrastructure.

There are many other dangerous climate change effects which need a serious plan and action step taken by the government and the citizens together to fight the adversities to life and property.