About machine learning

Nowadays AI and machine learning are the words you can find almost everywhere people are talking about it choosing it as a specialization.If you are one of those people who don’t know about then this blog will help you to now about it.

Humans use machines to make there work more efficient and faster but machines needs human intervention for working they cannot do all the work by themselves.So what if we start teaching machines to learn by themselves with the help of experience this is what machine learning do.

Its kinda interesting right! but how does it work and whats the connection between ml and AI ?. So let’s understand it Artificial Intelligence is a whole lot in itself, Humanoid robots are the final substance AI mostly tends to achieve and ML is the subset of AI. Ml is a total subject in itself so think how machine learns ? simple the same way we humans do with experience but in machine/computer this experience comes from data.The more data you give to your model the more it tends to learn.It starts working without human intervention.

I am sure you must be thinking that how come it will learn where to provide this data?.So there are algorithms on which your model will work.The type of data we select and make these algorithm work on the data to get the desired output. You must be thinking it is quite tough yes it is but it just require right amount of practice and effort to learn about this subject. There are lot of example of machine learning such as recommendation system when you search anything on amazon ,flip cart according to your searches it start recommending you several things, you start seeing ads on different platform this happens because of machine learning,it collects each and every data process it and start recommending you.Another example is weather forecasting the machine process the latest data and on the basis of some attributes it predict the possibilities.

I have tried to explain what actually is machine learning in the most simplest manner avoiding any technical terms i hope you like it.

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