Sale of Flowers Dip due to COVID-19 in Kerala


During Onam times flowers sell like hot cakes every year. But this year the market is seeing cold winds due to COVID-19. The flowers sellers said that COVID has dampened their most profitable season’s sale.

Flowers are used in decorations, making floral carpets and other purposes during Onam and every flower seller usually bags around Rs. 12000-15000 daily. But this year has turned into an adverse one as they are able to make sales of Rs 300 a day only which is a drastic effect of pandemic on these sellers.

Reminiscing last year, a flower vendor said that every year they were not able to manage the customers because of high rush but this year there are vacant roads and markets. Everyone is scared to come out of their homes in the wake of a virus.

Recently Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced barring all the flowers not being allowed to cross border which has also affected flower market as earlier vendors used to buy flowers from Coimbatore as there, they would get it in feasible price but this year the price for buying flowers for the vendors is also high.

The festival started on August 22 and will carry on till September 2 and is celebrated in the month of Chingam which is believed to be the first month according to the Malayalam calendar. The celebration is carried on for 10 days to start off the new year with a ceremonious feel and tenth day is the conclusion day which is named as Thiruvonam.

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