Ancient Egyptian Gods

Ancient Egyptian Society had many different deities which were an important part of the people’s belief system. There were about 2000 deities in the Egyptian pantheon which were an integral part of the culture. The most famous gods were considered as State Deities while others were a part of the rituals of a specific region. Some of the most popular Deities are – Isis, Osiris, Horus, Ra, Bastet, Set, Nephthys, Anubis.


Isis was the goddess of magic and was a clever and ambitious woman. She was the wife of Osiris and the patron of magicians. She loved her husband very much and encouraged their son to take vengeance on the evil god Set who had Osiris. She is shown as a beautiful woman with colourful wings.


Osiris was a wise and good pharaoh and the husband of Isis. He taught men about farming and is said to have built the first cities of Egypt. His brother Set tricked him into getting inside a coffin and made it into pieces and then hid the pieces all over Egypt. Isis spent years searching for him and eventually put all the pieces together when he partially came back to life. He was the god of the underworld and he sat in judgement over the souls of the dead.


Horus was called as the Avenger and the son of Isis and Osiris. When he grew up, he defeated Set and became the new pharaoh of Egypt. All mortal pharaohs are considered as descendants of him. Falcon is his symbol and he is often pictured as the man with a falcon’s head.


Ra was the first pharaoh of the world and the God of the Sun. The Egyptians celebrated as Ra would emerge victoriously after sailing the golden sun ship across the sky. After many centuries Ra became old and went back to the heaven after giving his throne to Osiris.


Bastet was the goddess of cats and extremely popular in Egypt. She was a protective goddess and people used to wear amulets with her likeness for good luck. She is pictured as a cat fighting with a knife with the serpent Apep. She was the faithful cat of Ra.


He was the god of desert, storms and evil. He is very tricky and the strongest of all the gods. He became the pharaoh after killing his brother Osiris and was later defeated by his nephew Horus. After that he fled into the desert and controlled the harsh lands outside of the Nile valley. In his old age he spent his days sailing Ra’s boat and defending her from the armies of the serpent Apep. He is pictured as a red skinned god with the head of an unknown animal demon.


Nephthys is the kind and gentle river goddess. She is the wife of Set and the sister of Isis. She didn’t like Set and helped Isis to find the pieces of Osiris and put him together. Her son was Anubis.


Anubis is the god of funerals and the most important god. He helped Isis make Osiris into the first mummy. He is pictured as a man with a jackal’s head.

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