Benefits of drinking tea

Tea is the most well liked beverage in all over the world,in India tea is an emotion everybody loves it the first thing people want after waking up from bed is tea.Its has less caffeine than coffee There are different types of teas and each one has its own benefits for our body.

1 Green tea – green tea is popular for boosting metabolism, weight loss.It is rich in antioxidants which helps in controlling cholesterol levels,and lowering blood pressure. Intaking green tea in morning do not have any ill effects it usually benefits the body.

2 Black tea – Both black and green tea are the rich source of antioxidants and these antioxidants helps body to reduce the risk of forming damage cells such as cancer, and other heart related disease.It protect from diabetes and other other diseases such as Parkinson disease.Avoid drinking it empty stomach as it can cause acidity.

3 Tea with milk -This type is the most popular one across India and other parts of the world, well there are no proven examples of having benefits of mixing the tea with milk although there are also no ill effects of it.

The bottom line is that drinking green and black tea usually have more benefits on our body,Antioxidants presents in tea helps in every way weather its for skin or other parts of body, the ill effects of tea could be acidity if taking it empty stomach or insomnia rather than there are not any harmful effects of tea. So drink tea knowing its benefits.Happy drinking.

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