VIRGINITY-NOT a definition of character!…

It was arranged marriage, a doctor guy marring an engineer girl, both were modern enough as they studied in metro cities. After all the rituals, it was time for their first night. White bedsheets decorated with roses were arranged in their room. When both were entering in the room, aunt of the groom said, “We need to check the sheets tomorrow”and everyone laughed.
But she was scared. Both were sitting on the bed. He saw her tensed face and asked her what’s wrong. She told him”I’m not virgin”. His reply was calm and casual”so what?I’m also not”. We both had relationships in the past which didn’t end up well and that’s completely okay, said the groom. But she was still scared. She said, We live in a village with people of typical mindset, they’ll judge me when they’ll get to know about this tomorrow. Then he said, I married you the way you are and nothing else matters for me and if you’re scared that something bad will happen because of this, then it’s my promise that I’ll be there by your side no matter what. I’ll tell them that I’m also not and if then also some mess happens, then I’ll face all the consequences along with you whatever it may be. I’m not gonna leave you, don’t you worry! Tears rolled down her cheeks by his words and she felt herself lucky that she got the perfect soulmate for life!….

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