Battle with the wild!…

“Hold on! Hang in there. Don’t move. I’ll help you”.Ronnie shouted.
Ronnie and michael came for an adventure trip in amazon jungle along with their friends. But before they could begin the hike, their helicopter crashed. None of their friends could survive, but Ronnie and Michael jumped with parachutes at the right moment so they survived. But Michael couldn’t make it to the ground, his parachute got stuck in the trees and now he was hanging up there.
Ronnie threw a rope to Michael and somehow he managed to bring him down. Both were very tired, with bruises on their body, totally devasted by what happened with their friends. Michael’s leg was cut at places while coming down. Michael and Ronnie were college friends with newly grown mustache, average physique who came here just to have fun with their friends, but destiny had some other plans.
They were active trekkers and hikers but with all the required equipments but here they had nothing. They were stuck in a dangerous forest without anything to help. They sat still without uttering a word for few hours. Then finally Ronnie spoke up,”Look Michael, I know we are at heavy loss but it’s only two of us right now and we need to survive, so let’s forget everything happened”. Michael agreed with him but both of them didn’t know how to survive. They only saw such situation in TV programme but now it was in reality. It was getting dark, so they decided to light up fire. They tried wood friction technique but it didn’t work.But they kept on trying it for a hour. Finally they built a fire. They had nothing to eat, no bed to sleep on but a strong hope to survive. They climbed up a tree and slept on the branches. The night was filled with voices of wild animals.
When they woke up in the morning, Michael was bit gloomy but Ronnie was full of energy. He had only one thing in mind, that’s to survive and get back home safe. Ronnie removed his shirt and made a fishing net out of it. Ronnie went to catch some fishes to eat while Michael was trying to figure out the way to get out of the jungle. Ronnie knew that there are crocodiles in the water but they had no choice. Ronnie brought some fishes to eat and they finished it within no time as they were very hungry. After having some food, they began their journey in north direction. Michael made a weapon using a stick and stone in case of emergency. They kept on walking but couldn’t find any human traces. They walked for a day but couldn’t find any human. As it was getting dark, they decided to halt. They built a temporary tent out of leaves and bushes on a branch of the tree. They lit up fire and went in their tent. When they were about to sleep, a snake came in front of Michael, it was a black mamba ready for attack. Michael got so scared that he couldn’t utter a word. He was shivering and his legs were shaking. Mamba made a move to bite, but before he could do that, Ronnie grabbed it and killed it with weapon. Michael gave a sigh of relief, but still he was shivering. Ronnie comforted him and then they went to sleep.
When they woke up in the morning, their bodies were full of mosquito bites and turned red. It was burning, they were unable to handle it. So they went to nearby pond to bath. After bath they drank water from the same pond. As they drank water from the pond, both of them started vommiting. The water was polluted. They were vommiting continuously and their bodies were getting dehydrated but they kept on walking. After a while, they found a waterfall. As the water was flowing, they knew it’s safe. So they drank water from the waterfall and continued walking, their bodies were about to give up but their courage did not. Now they could see houses of tribes at a distance. They were happy and relaxed thinking they’ll survive now. But then they noticed some movement in the bushes. There was something big there for sure. Michael spotted it and asked Ronnie to run. It was a tiger. As they started running, tiger started chasing them. While running, Ronnie fell down in a puddle and his leg got stuck there. He tried to come out but failed.Michael tried pulling him out but it wasn’t enough. Ronnie said, “Michael, Don’t think of me. You just go. Run away. Nothing will happen to me”. Michael wasn’t at all ready to leave him dying. But Ronnie forced him to leave. Michael ran away and the tiger came and killed Ronnie. Michael succeeded to escape and reached the tribal area. When he reached there, he sat down and started crying. He was blaming himself for Ronnie’s death. But now, he was the only one who survived the battle. He then came home and on the next day he was everywhere in the news telling the story of his survival.

“Hey Michael, wake up! It’s time to go. The amazon trip is on”, said Ronnie. Michael woke up with disgust, then he realized it was a just a dream but the real thriller is yet to happen!…

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