Global Innovation Index 2020!!

Again on year by year India is winning the hearts of everyone all around the world with their new innovation and our startup ecosystem which is going to be more healthier in coming years.Despite hit by the pandemic we have moved in top 50s for the first time.It is remarkable feet for India and as this is due to the Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat type of work.

GII data is released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) along with Cornell University and INSEAD Business School.It compiles data for almost around 131 economies.As we talk about allover data Switzerland is in 1st position followed by Sweden, United States,United Kingdom,Netherlands.India took the place at 48th position in the list of 131 economies.Last year we were placed at 52nd position.It ranks 3rd in the lower middle income level list.In the report it also stated that India ranked in top 15 indicators like ICT services exports,government online services,graduates in science and engineering and R&D intensive global companies.

The WIPO report thanked some of the important institutes in India like IIT Bombay,IIT Delhi and Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru for their immense contribution,as well the top scientific publications.It also stated that India has the highest innovation quality despite being in lower middle income group.Basically the report stated that there is a shift in the eastward location such as Asia where there is high and good innovation technology has being seen in every year.This includes countries like China,Vietnam,India & Phillipines for the first all this Asia pacific countries are in top 50.

It is clearly seen due to this pandemic there is high pressure on every sector to bring some or the other innovation for the survival and growth.At present the most important sector which needs innovation is health sector and we have seen many new things as well.It is been hindered that in coming years too health sector will have great outcomes due to new innovation taking place.Every other sector are trying their best to keep up with the market of foreign as well as the competition in the domestic market.

Lets see till what kind of innovation is India aiming and what we can give to this society.It is important part and there are expectations from us.Hope for the best!!!.

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