Abusing and harassing teachers in online class doesn’t make you cool!!

During these tough days the whole country is suffering from a dangerous virus known as Corona Virus.It is the biggest outbreak till now.The whole country is going through several crises due to the lockdown. The most affected field is the education field.For the safety all the

Online teaching — the new normal to emerge during the lockdown — seems to be losing steam with teachers refusing to conduct classes due to “bullying” by students’ parents. Several teachers, who switched over to the new platform just days ago,are already overwhelmed by the digital experience. They say they are under tremendous pressure, with parents constantly complaining about the poor quality of teaching, spelling mistakes, improper pronunciation, harsh tone of voice, lack of warmth towards children etc. Some videos depicting teachers in poor light owing to their pronunciation have gone viral on social media. 

The interference by overenthusiastic parents has triggered debates in academic circles. Teachers of several prominent private schools across Karnataka have told their managements that they will not conduct online classes anymore. Many have said goodbye to e-teaching sooner than they thought.

As the report given by Hindustan Times teachers are facing many harassment by the students over online class.

As online classes in colleges across the Delhi University (DU) begin amid the lockdown, many teachers have complained that some “mischievous elements”, who are not on the rolls, were “misusing” the medium and harassing teachers with obscene messages and posts.

Several teachers in DU colleges said they were abused and harassed by some attendees during the online classes. The teachers said they have informed the university administration about the misbehaviour.

An assistant professor at a South Campus college, requesting anonymity, said he was taking an online class on the Zoom app last week when a person logged in and started writing obscene messages on the chat. “It was so sudden that it took us a few minutes to realise what was happening. It was embarrassing for us all. We had to abruptly suspend the class. We later went through the recorded video of the lecture to identify the person. We found that there is no student by the name in our class,” he said.

Another faculty member, who teachers at an all-women college in west Delhi, said a person logged in to his class with the username of an adult movie actor, and started posting abusive messages against women. “It’s come to our notice that some outsiders are logging in to our classes using the links we send to our students every day on our college WhatsApp groups. We share our screen during the online classes with our students and everyone can use that and post their views and questions. We are trying to find out a way to address this issue,” the teacher said.

DU executive council (EC) member Rajesh Jha said such incidents are being reported by many teachers over the last few days. “Several women teachers have also informed us that they were abused and harassed during these live classes. The teachers send the invites for live sessions on Zoom or Google Meet to their students every day. The students can log in simply by entering their names and email IDs. These incidents clearly indicate that students are sharing these invites with outsiders as well. Many countries are facing similar issues in conducting online classes,” he said.

According to foreign media reports, Singapore banned some video conferencing applications for teaching purpose after hackers posted obscene images during the classes.

DU Teacher Association (DUTA) secretary Rajinder Singh said they have also received some complaints from teachers. “Teachers have now started taking precautions. Some of them have told us that they immediately remove the person from class who writes or shares any unnecessary messages,” he said.

A senior university official said they are looking into the matter. “We are aware of these incidents. We are looking into the matter and trying to fix it. We may file a police complaint in the matter soon,” a DU official said.

I just want to say that old teachers who doesn’t know how to use the internet and all other things related to internet is trying to teach the students for the sake of student future and carrier. Learning at this age is not so easy for them but still they are trying to cope up with the flow of the nation.so harassing and abusing the teachers doesn’t seems cool.May be students know more about internet but still can’t replace the essence of teacher. I think we should help our teachers to make this online class a successfull step to overcome this pandemic.

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