The need of Empathy in the Present Times

“The deep simple is far more essential than the shallow complex”
-Fred Rogers
(American T.V. personality)

In present times, the whole world is facing a tough time after the spread of Corona Virus and other natural disasters like floods, lightening, forest fires and many more. So human beings are supposed to stand by the side of each other. Days like these, basically when an epidemic is there, are so difficult to handle for the patients as well their family members.

Human being is a social animal with feelings of empathy, compassion and mercy in his heart.

According to Wikipedia, Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place oneself in another’s position.

The ones who are suffering from the Corona virus are the worst hit. They are supposed to stay away from their family members. Other people also need to stay away from the infected ones, so that they won’t get affected. As consequence of this, those who are even recovered they are ignored by people and are left all alone.

This hampers their mental health to such an extent that they become sad and depressed. Even if there are lesser chances of spread of virus from them people ignore them and left them aside. Human beings must realize that the ones who are suffering or have undergone the disease are human beings too. They have feelings and sentiments like every other normal person.

Imagine the situation, living all alone isolated in the hospital ward then coming back home and again living in isolation for 14-21 days and even after that still being ignored by people around. It’s so disheartening and depressing too. Human beings are social animals. They have a habit of interacting and talking to each other, sharing experiences but epidemic like these isolate and separate everyone from each other.

Particularly in this time of Corona, individuals are supposed to maintain social distancing but still individuals all can connect with each other through the medium of social media and even physical distancing too with a blend of several precautions to break the chain of the virus. All human beings need love, attention, care and sympathy. One wants others to understand their pains and problems from their point of view and their perspective.

From the past too, there are many such examples of people who have served humanity to a very great extent. Mother Teresa is one such figure who is still known as an epitome of mercy, kindness and empathy.

Empathy is like an extreme sport which is far more exciting from sky diving or surfing or skiing. Empathy can transform the social and political landscapes too.

Epidemics bring out the best and the worst both in human beings. At its worst, witnessing people speaking out as fear, frustration, uncertainty and massive disruptions to the daily routines are so common .With these, victim blaming, mob lynching, intolerance, hostility and at its worst violence stoked by racism and xenophobic beliefs are so common in a country like India.

In the times of an epidemic one must realize their responsibility of making others feel good and comfortable and at the same time focusing upon one’s own self about their mental health too. It’s like one must try to understand each other’s feelings, mood swings and behavior.

Feelings like Empathy and Compassion cannot be developed overnight. One has to try everyday for being a little softer, accessible, and friendlier and calm too at the same time. Human beings have different feelings, different moods so it’s not like that being so nice and every time but still one must try not to get rude to others. One must avoid saying negative things to their loved ones too.

If one can’t motivate or uplift someone, they should even not make others feel low and sad. Showing empathy and engaging in helpful actions, whether it’s donating to a charity or writing a supportive note to a friend, can increase one’s own feelings of social connectedness. Many people have lost their jobs and are out of work, others have no choice but to continue working. So one must try to understand their feelings, try to motivate them and make them feel good about themselves and reminding them of the beautiful times spent together.

Hence, by showing the feelings of love, compassion, oneness, kindness and empathy human beings can gracefully come out from the sad and frightening times of an epidemic. People should try to be kind, humble and polite to the elderly people too by spending time with them, talking to them. For the kids, different interactive games and activities should be organized by parents so that children become more expressive and more comfortable with their parents along with learning different life skills.

Days like pandemic are meant for taking precautions to its fullest and developing inter-personnel skills and developing healthy relationships with nature and people around and loved ones sitting in different parts of the world.

Article by – Shishir Tripathi

Intern at Hariyali foundation in collaboration with Educational News

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