Work From Home – New Normal!…

I was working in an IT multinational company. I used to work daily for 9-10 hours in my office. Come by 9am, get the work done, have lunch and teatime with colleagues was my daily routine. We used to go for a trek or clubs on weekends. So basically I was very happy with my life. Then one not so fine day, a human(inhuman) from china had cravings for raw bat meat and he gifted the whole world this pandemic.
As the number of cases in india were increasing, everybody was rushing back to homes. As they say, “trouble reminds you of your home”. So I also rushed to my home. It took me 1-2 days to adjust with the change of place. Then the very next day, I received an email from company asking for work from home. Firstly, I felt frustrated, because all my mechanical branch friends were having a proper holiday but here I was, working from home. But later, I understood the fact that keeping ourselves safe from this disease is one thing but earning for the family is must.
For first I was just frustrated with my WFH. The internet connection was poor at times. So I had to install new WiFi service. I used to work all day long. But the plus point was the homemade food. I always missed the food made by my mother when I was away. But now I could have it any time of the day. After few days, I was enjoying the WFH life. I could do my job and be with my family at the same time. After my graduation, I never had enough time to sit with my parents and have some words, freely. But this situation brought us closer. Now we sit together every day after dinner and chitchat till we fall asleep.
But nothing could stop me from concentrating on my work. I kept on working hard, finishing the assigned tasks in time, discussing with seniors, guiding juniors. I worked as I used to when at the office. Even the company was appreciating my efforts and it felt so good, a feeling of satisfaction. After few days, I even got a promotion. WFH was a new way to live life but now it became new normal for me.

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