Rankings of States in Ease of Doing Business

In India from last few years ease of doing business has been given a lot of importance and due to this the country is on another level now for doing business.The changes that have been done in the promotion of business in India has led to more FDI coming in the country and investors are happy for their investment and gaining good amount of profit.

In the list Andhra Pradesh in on the top again followed by Uttar Pradesh which was on 12th position has climbed to 2nd position and on 3rd position is Telangana which has dropped from 2nd to 3rd.Haryana,Karnataka,Odisha saw their ranks dip significantly.This data are based on Business Reform Action Plan is based on user feedback,ignoring reform claims by state governments.This result was represented by Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman with her cabinet ministers.

Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said that these rankings reflect the efforts taken by different states to improve their system and processes.The ranking which was started in 2015 with 285 action points,expanded to 372 measures in 2017-2018 spread across 12 areas including registering property,paying taxes and regulation enables.For 2019,the performance of states and union territories have been measured through more than 180 indicators based on user feedback.

The exercise of doing this is for promoting the business in different states and encouraging the business climate the attract business in different sectors as well as foreign investments.This is the fourth edition of the report and DPIIT collaboration with world bank conducts an annual reform for all over the states & UTs.It is also been noted that India has jumped into places and came to the 63rd position for“Doing Business”.

So this is the New India which is going to give a great platform for the youth.It is great opportunities for the young people to present their new ideas at great level so that society will be very helpful for their talents.Example for this Mr Arjun Deshpande of Generic Aadhaar which is great startup which is helped by one of the greats in the industry by Ratan Tata.

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